Vivek Pawar
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Vivek Pawar

Vivek Pawar is amongst those who couldn’t able to complete his professional schooling. His early career started from the share trading business and his journey towards the business has already reaped around 60 to 70 businesses. He is been one of the most influential and maestro Example of how an individual without any professional academic qualification Can be the business icon. Most of his colleagues and companions have evidenced him to be a benchmarking business leader.He is the ideological person in the sense that every business decision is the outcome of his intuition which is sharpened on the edge of 20 years of experience in doing business varying from small to large.

His idea of insurance business has already taken the group to be INDIAS THIRD best seller of insurance policy. He was the one who was leading organisation when it achieved its position to become largest PAN MAKING organisation and rewarded by the Government for the same.During his career he set up INVESTMENT JUNCTION an organizational platform serving the indian resident as an agent of government of Maharashtra called MAHA E-SEVA KENDRA.

During his career he is been a amazing trainer and trained almost 2000 plus students on share trading. His tagline You can make money in white glooves has proven its worth as he assisted thousands of people in taking their savings to fruitful places. His consultation in the area of Mutual fund especially SIP bought a new paradigm into the investment world and this excersice has led to the formation of platform. He has mastered himself in every kind of loan processing taking from home loan to car and personnel to business proposals.